Never check a bag again

Recently Brett Godfrey, the CEO of  airline Virgin Blue disclosed that it costs them more to carry checked luggage than a passenger. This reality has recently started to influence pricing policies with discounts for “light” travel.

International carry-on luggage only has been a dream of mine for 15 years since a friend of mine described his “day-pack” only month long holiday of the USA. I just loved the flexibility of it all.

Of course everybody knows that the rule of travel is that you should take half the luggage and twice the money – but I was finally smacked into action by Tim Ferris – author of the 4 Hour work Week.

This caused me to start doing some decent homework on the subject which lead me to one of those little websites that, well, sort of changes your life.

That website was – The Art & Science of Travelling Light.

Doug Dyment is the “go-light guru” and a “carry-on maven”.

The site outlines the philosophy, the art and the science.

Importantly he tackles the biggest barrier to  limiting your wardrobe  -“What if I am invited to dinner with the Queen?”

From this website I discovered where I could get my hands on probably the world’s best carry-on bag (not surprisingly designed by Doug) – The Air Boss.

It is one of the best bits of kit I have ever owned – It just makes me very happy! And I just love getting off of an international flight and walking straight past the luggage carousel knowing that I have everything with me.

By beating the rush through customs and to taxis or trains I am often 30 to 45 minutes ahead of the pack. You can just be that much more relaxed when you arrive at your destination.

For another take on it – here is Tim Ferris – author of the 4 Hour Work Week

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