The Airboss – the only bag you need

This is the bag designed by One Bag “maven” Doug Dyment and made by a brilliant little company called RedOxx.
Priced at USD $225 plus USD $65 shipping [delivered in less than 5 days] – this product is only available online. Ok – not cheap you say. Agreed – but it comes with a lifetime guarantee and I’m quite realistically targeting a 20 year useful life.
I just know that I will still be happy to use this product for a long time – it is just quality. The storage concepts and the overall capacity are just amazing. I couldn’t contemplate international hand luggage only travel without this bag.

Airboss carry on bag

Airboss carry on bag

Here’s the link straight to the Airboss page at Redoxx

Here’s a link to a video showing how the Airboss is used.

[I’m not on a commission – just an advocate!]


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