Workshop Facilitation

Have a “business transforming” strategic workshop not a lame, frustrating time-wasting exercise.

It’s an expensive, disruptive exercise to bring your most senior executives together for a day or two. Salaries, travel, accommodation, venue hire, loss of productivity – it all adds up – so you really want to get it right.

A great strategic Workshop – well planned and well facilitated can make an organisation, it can make a career.

If it doesn’t go well – reputations can be lost and heads can roll.

Andrew Leunig is an experienced facilitator who can help you plan and deliver an engaging and transformational Workshop.

Whether it be a Board, a Partner Group, an Industry Group or Senior Executives – Andrew has done it before – with great outcomes.

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Workshop Facilitation Case Studies

Strategic Workshop for a new Member Organisation
This new national industry association was the product of a merger of two existing organisations. The challenge was to get the Board on the “same page”. We helped the CEO set the scene by suggesting a pre-meeting “white-paper” and to agree on the process used. This session achieved the objectives and subsequent progress was rapid.

Strategic Workshop for a leading Australian Biotech “Thought Leader”
We have worked with this organisation several times previously.
This two day session was the first with a new CEO and several new Board Members.
The workshop reaffirmed and extended a global “thought-leadership” strategy.

Strategic Workshop for a large Professional Services firm
This workshop was the “kick-off” of a greater strategic change process. The challenge was to keep all Partners engaged and to achieve a mandate for future change. Mission accomplished.

Strategic Workshop for a Small Marketing Firm
This two partner firm needed to figure out a way past a growth ceiling. We investigated the value proposition at length and devised a strategy around providing greater transparency of the value proposition to clients.

Strategic Workshop for a Small Technology Firm
This privately owned firm has high potential but has failed to achieve it in recent years. The focus of this workshop was on figuring out the reasons that growth and implementation of strategic projects has stalled.

“Large” Workshop for an Industry Association
A national industry association needed to address some significant issues with a segment of its membership base. Seventy members from all over Australia gathered to work through the mutual challenges. We helped our client design and plan the workshop and facilitated the group workshop sessions on the day. A very positive outcome was achieved.

Workshop Facilitation Testimonials

Andrew has on several occasions facilitated strategic planning sessions and board development sessions. He is always well prepared with detailed knowledge of the subject at hand.
Imelda Lynch

Andrew provides an original approach to business leaders who want to take their business to the next level. His personal innovation and understanding of cutting edge technologies offers an insight into the future.
Peter Nolan

Andrew is across all of the issues facing business over the next 5 – 10 years. He helped us achieve a complete refocus of our business.
Erik Hipwood

Andrew facilitated a strategic workshop for a Board I Chair on two separate occassions. He has an excellent grasp of his “craft” and a deep knowledge of our industry. He impressed my board members ( a diverse group including two professors) with his persistence, his humour and his views of the modern world. In addition he reinforced his view about why a Board needs a clear understanding of why a not for profit organisation exists and what it adds to the community in order for it to succeed as an organisation
Fraser Bell

I have had the pleasure to work with Andrew on two occasions. The first was when I hired him to facilitate seven groups of technology industry representatives. He was recommended to me by a colleague and I was pleasantly surprised by his ability to adeptly steer diverse groups of individuals to a cohesive conclusion. This is a rare ability and because I was impressed I asked Andrew to facilitate a staff planning session for Technology Industry Association staff. Again Andrew worked extremely well in guiding discussion and encouraging those present to think outside the square. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone who is undertaking a planning session, focus group or strategy workshop.
Jayne Osborne

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