Key Learnings from my September 2010 Trip : Austerity is the new black

After a few weeks of reflection I have summarised the key learnings from my recent travels and I intend to expand on these themes over the upcoming weeks.
A key part of my motivation to do this is to embed the travel experience in my own subconscious so these notes (together with my photos and trip journal) will be a great memory jogger in years to come but also because as an adult I should take responsibility for my own learning.

  • We are headed for an extended period of “austerity”  – UK in particular – what does that mean ?
  • Australian House Prices are too high
  • Transport is a key issue and can have a profound impact – lots of insights here.
  • The Germans had been at war for most of the 19th Century. To what extent did this set the scene for the events of the 20th Century ?
  • Hitler taking power – the tipping point
  • Thai Street Food – elegant simplicity.
  • Matriarchal society – in some provinces Thai houses were inherited by the women. Why ?

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