My Virtual Assistant Recruitment Process

I first heard about Virtual Assistants in Tim Ferris’s book The 4 Hour Work Week.

Many people have now used this recruitment process .

In May 2010 I recruited my first Virtual Assistant – Melivea who is based in Davao, Philippines.

Melivea has agreed to work exclusively for me – about 30 hours per week.
Initially I employed Melivea on a two months trial which then converted to a permanent arrangement.

I found her on this website –  . It cost me USD $49 for 3 months registration (from memory)

Here is the recruitment process that I used :

1. Ad with seeking application
2. Filter & Shortlist
3. Request survey completion
4. Shortlist again
5. Tests
– type up handwritten Strategic SWOT page in Powerpoint
– find cheapest flight Adelaide to SING in month of June 2010.
– page of dictaphone transcription (from DSS voice file)
– SKYPE Interviews
6. Engagement Terms
– pay & Conditions
– Confirm all instructions in their own words
– Daily Report
– Monthly Invoice

The ad that I used is set out below and the survey is attached .

Melivea has been great.Excellent work and smart.

This process has forced me to get my act together and made me get more structure into my delegation.
It has also forced me to upgrade my online toolkit and I have recently commenced with :

Google Apps Docs (using it is my default now)
Manymoon for Projects (Basecamp alternative)
GQueues for tasks (replaced Remember The Milk)
Capsule CRM

All working well within Google Apps one sign-on.

The key tasks that I have used Melivea for to date are :

Type up of handwritten notes from my notebook or from a photocopying whiteboard
Construction of process maps using Google Draw from quick hand-sketch
Transcription of notes, meeting minutes etc from dictated dss files
Assistance to migrate data and simple stuff between systems – e.g. in the transition from Remember the Milk To GQueues
Basic desktop research to help me with writing – e.g. Book Reviews
Maintain CRM – load up lists, match different systems – e.g. LinkedIn list to my CRM. Populate my CRM with photos and demographic data
Produce some simple repetitive invoices

Basically I have now set up a list for me to jot down low value stuff that someone else could do and I will figure out how to get my VA to do it.

We have been communicating via email, skype (mainly just chat) .

A key trick has been using a free screen capture product called Jing.

This has worked spectacularly well. I have basically been filming quick little training videos.

Overall to date this has greatly exceeded my expectations. There is a lot of talent out there and the potential is limited only by your own imagination.

Virtual Assistant – Australian Company. FULL TIME. Stable PERMANENT position.
Job description: Business Transcription, Powerpoint, Spreadsheets, Email Customer Service, Internet Research, Blog writing, Email Marketing skills will be highly regarded.
Salary : Starting at around 8,000 to 12,000 + depending upon experience.
Australian business consultant seeks a permanent, full time virtual assistant to help him service clients and build the business. You will need to have excellent written and spoken English.
Typical tasks will include :
1. Business Transcription : Typing up notes and documents from emailed voice files
2. Typing up notes in Powerpoint from scanned handwritten notes
3. Internet Research and report / blog writing
4. Compiling Surveys using Excel
5. Maintaining customer databases
6. Email customer service You will need :
1. exceptional written and spoken English.
2. your own computer with High Speed Broadband connection
3. ability to communicate via Skype

To Apply please send me an email to Andrew at explaining why you would be a great Virtual Assistant to me. Please include your resume.
Wage/Salary: Starting at around 8,000 to 12,000 + depending upon experience
Start: Immediately
Duration: Ongoing after trial period
Type of Employment: Full Time
Vacancy Duration: 0 month
Category: General
Admin Support
Skills Required: Ability to solve problems quickly
Attention to detail
Gathering information
Google Docs
Internet browsing
Learning new skills rapidly
MS Power Point
MS Excel
MS Office
Typing Speed
Working at a fast pace
Email Marketing
Microsoft Excel
Customer Support
Time Management
Email Handling

Be interested to hear of people’s experiences wih this process or of working with Virtual Assistants in General. Happy Recruiting !

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