Business Model Transformation Program

This high impact Program will challenge your current “business logic” of your organisation. We will work with you to redesign your Business Model(s).

The Program can customised to take into account different organisational structures and geographies.

Program Elements include :


  • New & emerging Business Models
  • The nature of Disruption
  • Business Model logic

NOW Analysis

  • 3D Revenue Analysis
  • NOW Value Creation Canvas
  • NOW Business Model Canvas
  • Exposing “problems” & “bright spots”
  • Challenging current thinking
    • How we define our customers
    • Front End – How we “face” our customers
    • Back End – How the work gets done

FUTURE State – the Vision

  • FUTURE Value Creation Canvas
  • FUTURE Business Model Canvas


  • How do we transition from the Current Model to the Future Model ?
  • Actions & Responsibilities
  • Implementation support

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