Retail is F***ed

I have been thinking about this for a little while now.

I buy  a lot of books – for myself and my clients. I now use Amazon.UK – free shipping and 8 – 12 days delivery.

I recently did a price check on a book that I paid about $20 for from Amazon UK. Borders in Adelaide did not have a copy in stock. They could get it in 6 weeks and their last selling price was $48.

I would like to buy local but they have made it impossible to support them.

Not only is it the power of online – but also technology like price comparison sites  and barcode scanning apps that will give you immediate price comparisons. Simply scan the barcode and get the feedback – see

Now even an incompetent becomes a power negotiator. You don’t even have to speak – Just show the salesperson the results !

Australian Insolvency firm PPB have compiled a good summary of the woes facing Australian retailers.

Click on the link to their latest Advisory Insights newsletter .

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